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The Empire never ended.
Подстригся. Чувствую я себя при передвижениях приблизительно так xD :

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The Empire never ended.
Моб от Momidji :
Итак, вы коментитесь у меня и я вам говорю:
а)Если я знаю вас в реале: вашу фразу, когда-либо говорённую мне, которая мне дорога
б)Если мы общаемся только на дайри: больше всего запомнившуюся фразу из вашего дневника (любую)

Вместе с коментом пишете сразу же фразу мне, на тех же основаниях (ну или можно уже после моего ответа, не важно) и ,конечно, постите Моб у себя)

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The Empire never ended.
Am I really... awake?

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Tokyo Revalations

The Empire never ended.
Ура же!!! Вышла наконец то первая овашка! ^^
わたしわうれしです。 ^____^

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The Empire never ended.
Японский хэппи(?) хардкор вынес мне мозг 0__о



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The Empire never ended.

Watashi wa watashi no sekai zutsuto hitori ni aru imasu.

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The Empire never ended.
В голову приходит куча странных мыслей.. >< Не хочу их здесь "выписывать". Всеравно они бесполезны в отрыве от всей той каши, что сейчас творится у меня в сознании... =/

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The Empire never ended.
Всетаки работать 24 часа подряд это перебор >< допустим еще 3 часа до конца смены я как-то переживу, но.... вот как я поеду домой?) Что-то не представляю)

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The Empire never ended.
Isn't it becoming a bit annoying? The pain in the limbs.

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The Empire never ended.
Isolation surely brings on certain thoughts.. Everything (and everyone) is reduced to a status of artifical beeings and you become trapped in your own distorted reality, where those few, who are alive, are just some sort of automated personnel, where false worlds invade your perception, and every natural event brings an unnatural reaction in your mind.. Every unusual state, thought, action (anything) brings forth only further distortion. And soon you can't stop it anymore, forcing your consciousness to erode itself further and further, more and more. And what scares most, is that you like it. You think, that maybe, just maybe, something special is finally happening, you thirst for it, ofcourse you do, but actually it's no good for you. What's good in comming one step closer to madness? You start seeing things, just on the verge of sight, but still you do. And again, you like it. Your eyeball is all pink with blood when you wake up. And you don't know the reason. Your eye aches but you find it a good thing. Why should I think it's bad, you say, it's some new experience for me, it's interesting. Yes, interest and informativity are your new measures of quality. Discarding those artifical notions named good and bad you impose upon yourself the new ones. And once again you like it, you like it all: your pathetic reality, your pathetic conceptions, your pathetic mind itself.

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The Empire never ended.
Эх.. давно же тут ничего не писал...
Вчера ездил на собеседование по работе, сегодня должны позвонить и сообщить берут или нет. Пока вроде все)
Upd: сменил диз и логин...
Критика приветствуется ^_^

Upd: теперь c 1-го октября я работаю в Caravan'e)

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Около Байкала)

The Empire never ended.

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The Empire never ended.
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kinda.... delirium, ye :P

The Empire never ended.
It would sound odd, but sometimes i feel like making a motion, which my body isn't capable of 0__o Not couse i can't personaly do it, but just couse no human body can.. or even any other living thing... It's just something what will never ever happen. Even imagination fails to visualize it in full forms and colors, heh... And still it exists.. somewhere deep inside, with it's persistent will to become real some day.

P.S. and more to it... some moments want to be stretched in time forever :) Just the current moment.. With all it's smells, colors, forms, sounds, the very atmosphere... It's really nothing, what is special for everyone. It's only precious to your own self. There are thousands of such moments. Anywhere, at any time. You'll never know when they touch your perception deep enough, for you to want saving them... Oh, how sad it is, very sad indeed, that you can't fully do it. Only bleaks will be left in memory, the shadows of what you've seen, heard, smelt, felt once.

P.P.S. sorry for my english ;)

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The Empire never ended.

My Vampire Heart

Darling I'm lost
Adrift in the dark
I'm clutching your words
To my vampire heart once more
So let in the light
Turn me to dust
If it don't end in Bloodshed dear
It's probably not love

Here we are
In the darkest place
My reflection
Shows only your face

Something is found
Something is lost
Went looking for clues
On the streets of old New York
And I spilled someone's blood
I broke someone's heart again
Someone you know
You're looking at him my friend

And the people in our lives
We all leave behind
Leave behind

Here we are
In the darkest place
To keep from forgetting
I picture your face
And I wonder
While we count the cost
Which is sweeter
Love or it's loss

So I curse you
My vampire heart
For letting me you love you
Love you
For letting me love you
From the start

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The Empire never ended.
флешмоб от Nessa-noldo
1. Говорю, какие ассоциации у меня вызывает ваш аватар.
2. С каким запахом вы у меня ассоциируетесь.
3. Каким цветом у меня отображается в мыслях ваш ник-нейм.
4. В каком фильме или книге я сделал бы вас главным героем.
5. А вы за это постите такую же игрушку у себя.

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The Empire never ended.
Давно же я не качался на качелях xD сегодня таки устроил себе "праздник души" =)

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The Empire never ended.
The world desires a change...

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The Empire never ended.

The Empire never ended.
эх... буду оформлять в каком-нибудь банке карточку и заказывать пару синаев, хакаму и кеноги)
понедельник и среда = www.shogunclub.ru

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